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A semi-annual peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the New England Political Science Association.


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  • EDITOR IN CHIEF: Mark Brewer, University of Maine

  • SPECIAL EDITOR, NEW ENGLAND STATES REPORTS: Paul Petterson, Central Connecticut State University

  • BOOK REVIEWS EDITOR: Peter Lindsay, Georgia State University

  • COPY EDITOR: Theresa Marchant-Shapiro, Southern Connecticut State University

  • PAST EDITOR: James McHugh, University of Akron

  • TECHNICAL ADVISOR: Odeh Halaseh, University of Mount Union


The New England Journal of Political Science uses a double-blind review process, following a preliminary review by the editorial staff that will determine whether further review is warranted. Articles from all fields of the discipline and from related disciplines are welcome.Articles that address the politics and government of New England and its states are particularly encouraged for potential publication as a main article or as part of the journal’s State Reports section.


There are no specific length requirements for articles but they ought to be long enough to offer a substantive analysis yet not so long that they approach a substantial portion of a book. The copy that is submitted for review should remove all references to the authors, including any electronic signatures or references within the text or notes that might reveal their identities. Tables, graphs, and other presentation of statistical evidence may be retained within the body of the article.


An abstract of no more than 150 words should be included at the start of the article. The APSR style of embedded citations should be used, and there must be a separate list of references at the end of the manuscript. Footnotes or endnotes may be included, but should not be used for simple citations. Specific formatting styles for citations and references can be found by referring to recent articles of this journal and recent issues of the
American Political Science Review.

Additional guidelines may be found within the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, including for statistical and other quantitative references. Articles should be submitted as an email attachment in Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing program. Authors should retain a copy of that file which includes their name and institutional affiliation as they will want it to appear in a published version. The length of time for the review process will vary (especially considering the academic schedule) but the overall process is designed to be as expedient as possible.


Submissions should be sent to the Journal's Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Mark D. Brewer, University of Maine.


The New England Journal of Political Science also publishes reviews of the latest books in the field.  Scholars who are interested in having a book reviewed, or interested in contributing a book review, should send an email to Book Reviews Editor Peter Lindsay expressing their interest and outlining their areas of expertise.

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