NEPSA 2021: APRIL 23-24



The New England Political Science Association invites proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables to be presented at its 2021 Annual Meeting, which will convene on April 23-24.

In NEPSA’s 72nd year, we continue to welcome a broad array of panel and paper proposals reflecting the various subfields of our discipline.  NEPSA has the following dedicated sections:

Politics and History

Public Law

Public Policy

Technology and Politics

American Politics

Comparative and Canadian Politics

International Relations

Political Theory

Due to the lingering uncertainty concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, NEPSA 2021 will be an exclusively virtual conference.  In addition to inviting new proposals for the 2021 Annual Meeting, faculty and graduate student proposals which were accepted for the 2020 Annual Meeting are automatically accepted for NEPSA 2021, should the submitter(s) still be interested in presenting their work.

The “2021 CONFERENCE” drop-down menu above contains an entry for “resubmit 2020 proposals.”  If you would like to present your 2020 paper, please fill out this form. Please note that if you do not wish to present your 2020 proposal, you do not need to do anything to decline the invitation to present; we will only include a 2020 proposal in the 2021 Annual Meeting upon request.


Proposals for new individual papers, full panels, and roundtables – as well as offers to serve as panel chairs and/or discussants – may also be submitted through the appropriate entries in the “2021 CONFERENCE” drop-down menu above.  Except in special situations, individuals are restricted to two paper proposals.

The deadline for submissions to the 2021 conference is extended to FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2021.

For a PDF version of this Call For Proposals, which includes contact information for the Section Chairs, please click here.

For more information, please contact Steven Lichtman, Executive Director / Program Chair.

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